NSC Safety Management leadership

Program code: NSCSML

Course Outline

Safety Management Leadership is a two day course offered by the National Safety Council which provides management with the knowledge to recognize and assess their role in leading the implementation of an effective safety management system to ensure a high level of performance.


Course Objectives

The program provides an overview of the four essential characteristics in the journey to Safety Excellence through Management leadership and commitment; Employee involvement; Measurement systems and Continuous improvement process of the safety management process.

Course Content

Course Contents
•	Recognize the four essential characteristics of safety excellence:
o	Management leadership and commitment
o	Employee involvement
o	Measurement systems
o	Continuous improvement process
•	Identify benefits of managing safety and health efforts.
•	Differentiate between reactive and proactive safety measures. 
•	Use measurement tools that determine the effectiveness of their safety efforts and track implementation of the safety management system.
•	Identify their role as executive management in leading and implementing an effective, sustainable safety management system.
•	Complete a case study application activity and an individual gap analysis to assess how effectively the safety process is managed.
•	Complete a seven-step self-assessment activity to establish a baseline for continuous improvement.
•	Employ five proactive, activity-based tools to help employees recognize and identify hazards in the workplace.


Assessment and Certification

Assessment comprises a multiple choice exam followed by practical basement. Candidates will be awarded Safety Management Leadership from National Safety Council.

Target Audience

Company directors and senior managers. 

Entry Requirements

																		1.	Applicant must meet necessary standards of English language.
2.	Applicants are preferred to complete an IOSH Working Safely or equivalent course.



Class 2

Date & Time


8:00 - 16:00

Program Duration

18 Hours
3 Days


No Prerequisite


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