NSC Safety Inspections

Program code: NSC8

Course Outline

																		This workshop provides an overview of the safety and health inspection process, then examines specific techniques to improve the process. Participants learn to develop and use checklists in continuous and formal safety inspections. 
The course also covers such topics as: 
•	Pre-inspection tasks 
•	What to inspect and where to gather information 
•	Recording observations 
•	Handling employee reactions to the inspection process 
•	Developing inspection reports 
•	Analyzing data and setting priorities 


Course Objectives

																		Upon completion of the Safety Inspections course, you will be able to: 
•	Plan and conduct a safety inspection 
•	Complete inspection reports. 
•	Develop recommendations and follow-up. 
•	Manage an effective inspection program.


Course Content

																		Module 1: 	Introduction to Safety Inspections
Module 2:	Planning for Safety Inspections
Module 3: 	Conducting Safety Inspections
Module 4: 	Reporting and Following Up


Assessment and Certification

																		After successful completion of the course and assessment, candidates will be awarded the Safety Inspections Certificate from the US National Safety Council.

Target Audience

																		This course is suitable for those responsible for conducting or supervising safety inspections and those responsible for training industrial safety and/or health inspectors.

Entry Requirements

																		1.	Applicant must meet necessary standards of English language.
2.	Applicants are preferred to complete an IOSH Working Safely or equivalent course.



Corporate Class - Almashreq

Date & Time


Program Duration

18 Hours
3 Days


No Prerequisite